Multidimensional Private Mentorship



The pathway to claiming your true purpose that lights your soul on
fire with the confidence, connection to your intuition and courageous self trust to boldly live your highest timeline.



This is for the awakening woman who is ready to ditch the old energies and beliefs that are holding her back, so that she can embody and live her dreamlife, lead from the heart and thrive.



I know where you are at...
-You are wrestling with self-doubt and confidence struggles have been
holding you back.
-You're struggling with the fear of being judged, which is hindering
your ability to be authentic and pursue your dreams
-You find yourself holding back on your dream business, questioning
whether you have what it takes to make it a reality.
-You are feeling lonely or disconnected because it's challenging to show your true self, resulting in superficial and draining relationships.
  -You are constantly criticizing yourself, focusing on perceived
shortcomings, and hindering your self-esteem and personal development.
-You are feeling overwhelmed by others' expectations, overshadowing your desires and trapping you in their opinions.
  -You are coping with chronic stress and anxiety, grappling with the
tension between your values and the demands of daily life.
   -At your job, you might feel the need to hide your true personality
to fit into a corporate culture that doesn't align with your values.
-Your creative talents might be on hold because of societal expectations and financial worries, halting your pursuit of dreams.
-You are devoted to your spiritual path, but feel stuck in your development.
Within the safety of our collaborative space, challenge yourself to step beyond your comfort zone.

Be boldly you

This mentorship is your journey onto your highest path,
designed to support you as you embrace your true power and take charge
of your own extraordinary narrative.
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Imagine this...

- Self-doubt transforms into victories, each one building your confidence. The fear of judgment no longer holds you back, and you feel the freedom to be authentically yourself in a room full of people.
- Expressing your true self is no longer just a liberating thought but a reality. You feel confident to speak up and the weight of unsaid words is replaced by empowerment.
- You are navigating the pressures of external expectations, a reality where your desires and needs matter. You are now able to have conversations with your loved one where your perspective and feelings is acknowledged, and the relationship flourishes.
 -Stagnation transforms into progress when you take tangible steps toward pursuing your dreams. You are now feeling the excitement as you step out of your comfort zone, making that career change or starting a new venture.
- Negative self-talk is no longer a thing and every step is now  guided by self-compassion and love, where setbacks are met with gentle encouragement and mistakes are seen as opportunity for growth.

This is more than a mentorship; it's a commitment to your  empowerment.


 Imagine shining brightly with unshakeable self-belief, being
confidently true to your unique self, and speaking from your heart with unwavering courage.
This isn't just about shedding worries over external opinions; it's about fostering a genuine love for yourself.
Are you ready to uplevel your life and go on a quest where you pursue your dreams with determination and step beyond your comfort zone with confidence.

I stand for you to:


- Shine brightly and believe in yourself
- Be confidently true to who you are
- Speak from your heart with courage
- Not worry about what others think
- Love yourself genuinely
- Chase your dreams with determination
- Step out of your comfort zone with a sense of safety
- Wake up smiling, knowing you control your story
- Enjoy a life filled with joy and pleasure
- Bring your spiritual gifts fully online


What is included in this 6 month private mentorship


One payment

1900 euro

Save 300€

  • Monthly Shamanic healing sessions
  • Bi-monthly coaching calls
  • 6 months acces to the Multidimensional Practice Garden
  • Lasercoaching support
  • EXTRA BONUS: Awaken your inner power- A 3 day shamanic & Somatic online journey (value 88€)

Payment plan



  • Monthly Shamanic healing sessions
  • Bi-monthly coaching calls
  • 6 months access to the Multidimensional Practice Garden
  • Lasercoaching support



"Working with Marika is extraordinary. Her medicine is incredibly powerful and pure as it comes from the heart and devotion to serving. She is my most trusted healer and has supported me in many different ways from clearing blocks and inorganic energies in my field and in my home to holding space for me to reclaim my power.

Marika has incredible multidimensional vision and is able to see clearly and provide support in ways that allows you to heal and grow in a safe way. I highly recommend working with Marika if you are called to journey deeply within yourself to heal and have a transformational experience."


"In the past I have had a lot of job anxiety, now I can dare to say that It is actually gone and in some strange way it feels like I´m protected. Although there have been everyday problems and difficulties I have handled them in a good way. I feel an incredible sense of happiness."


"I want to thank you for giving me strenght to get out of the destructive relationship I was in. You worked wonders with me! I am eternally grateful!

I see evertything in a different way now."


 "I am particular and very selective with who I trust in the realm of energy work, and Marika walks the talk in every way and upholds high standards of embodying the true shamanic way. She knows what she does and that is felt. The way in wich she shares her medicine to the world is rare to be seen and she claerly has much experience on a soul level to hold this energy to this life."


" I´m doing really well, I feel so much more content with life since I started working with you. It feels like life is flowing more smoothly now, and I focus on feeling good and doing things that I enjoy and that makes me feel good in my body. I´ve become more active, excercise more, and enjoy what I have in life. It also makes me  feel calmer and more attuned to what I need and what insights come to me."